About us


Harvest Church of Christ was birthed out of a desire to bring fresh hope to a world that is desperately is seeking love, hope and forgiveness. Jesus Christ is the answer to this world.

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    Our Pastors

    What We Believe

    What We Believe

    We exist to connect people with God and with one another As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord Joshua 24:1

    Our standard

    Our standard

    Is Spiritual excellence. We work with passion, with hope and with integrity. We’re together

    Our strategy

    Our strategy

    To exercise and replicate spiritual leadership and so move people we influence onto God’s agenda

    Our mission

    Our mission

    To develop healthy mission-shaped communities of fresh hope

    Our History

    For many years, Pastor Joseph Tee and Pastor Olga Ling had a burning desire to reconnect with those who were in community with Christ and had moved away because of past hurts, pain, disappointments and unfulfilled hopes and dreams. Their desire was to point them to Jesus, so that they may find hope and rest in Him.

    With the encouragement of Rev. Dr. Barnabas Ong and through the leadership of Ps. Samuel Djunaedi, they embarked on a journey of prayer, and preparation.

    In April 2003, Ps Joseph and Ps Olga, along with their families opened the first service in Roselands, as a church plant of Ecclesia Mission. Later that year, Ecclesia Mission was affiliated with Churches of Christ in NSW. The church grew from 3 families and to about 40 people. We saw the blessings and miracles of God, with lives being healed, families restored and many people repenting of their sins and being baptised.

    In January 2008, after 5 years of learning, growth and prayer, Ps Samuel Djunaedi graciously blessed and released Ps Joseph and Ps Olga to stand on its own. This brought about a new name and a new location. Ecclesia Mission – Roselands became Harvest Indonesian Church located in Burwood. Later that year Harvest Indonesian Church opened a sister church in Rouse Hill, a growing new suburb in the North West of Sydney.

    In 2011, an opportunity arose to be replanted in Rockdale, at the site of Rockdale Community Church of Christ. With the blessing of Churches of Christ in NSW Conference, Harvest relocated to this site. In a short time, we have made many new friends, and seen the movement of God in this area. We long to proclaim the Kingdom of God is at hand and to equip people to become devoted disciples of Jesus Christ.

    We sense that God is preparing his People to disciple, mentor and resource, bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to the city of Sydney. Our prayer is God will allow us to join Him on His mission and become a Community of Fresh Hope.

    We Value


    Those we serve and those who work with us


    Healthy systems, processes and people


    Agencies and ministries should be led and not just managed

    God’s agenda

    We serve an active God and seek to honour His leadings

    Creative communities

    We value innovation, imagination and continuous improvement

    Church of Christ Belief statement

    • Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ;
    • Biblical baptism by water immersion;
    • The celebration of communion;
    • The autonomy and empowerment of local churches to self govern;
    • The mutual ministry and servanthood of all Christians;
    • The biblical authority of God’s word;
    • Christian unity within the Kingdom of God; and:
    • The mission of the great commission
    (Source: www.freshhope.org.au)